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Testimonials and Event Samples

Amal from Allina Health, Minneapolis MN:

I wanted to take a moment to express my deep appreciation for Nyia Harris LLC exceptional contribution to our 2023 Juneteenth Join and Learn program, where Nyia served as the facilitator upon the invitation of Allina Health BIPOC ERG. Nyia's dynamic and informative facilitation style truly captivated the entire audience, as we had over 100 participants joining this virtual event. Nyia['s] ability to convey complex information with clarity and conciseness created an excellent learning environment for all attendees. I was particularly impressed by Nyia's resourcefulness and adaptability in navigating technical challenges, ensuring a smooth and seamless program flow.


Moreover, Nyia's innovative ideas, including breakout room sessions and interactive quizzes, elevated the level of engagement and participation. These elements fostered a warm and inclusive environment, encouraging participants to actively share their thoughts and engage in meaningful discussions. I want to commend Nyia Harris LLC for their unwavering professionalism, dedication, and expertise as a facilitator. Their ability to connect with the audience and foster meaningful discussions played a pivotal role in the resounding success of the event. I am genuinely grateful for Nyia's outstanding work and the immense value she brought to our Juneteenth program.


A Nyia Harris LLC Original:

Sister Self-Care Sunday

A fun and relaxing in-person event where women can treat themselves to some much-needed TLC. 

Photo courtesy of TP Photo Studio

A Nyia Harris LLC Original:

My Story, My Truth Documentary

Fourteen Minnesotans shared painful personal stories of discrimination. Created by Nyia Harris in 2018, in partnership with Do Good Roseville and Nine North Media. In 2024 the film received its theatrical debut by Twin Cities Film Fest.

Click here for event photos

Click here for event videography

Event Videography and Photos courtesy of Twin Cities Film Fest and photographer Timothy Claiborne.

MYSTORYMYTRUTH logo only_edited.jpg
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Facilitator and Moderator:

STAR House

"Nyia's dedication and passion were evident during a community listening event, where she proved to be a major driving force in our fundraising success. Her ability to moderate discussions and encourage active participation from the audience was truly impressive. Nyia's natural charisma and engaging approach created an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere, enabling everyone to share their perspectives freely."

Host and Facilitator:

Dress for Success, Twin Cities

"Nyia created incredible audience engagement and connection with her warm and compassionate personality and ask thoughtful and probing questions that really got our clients to think critically and deeply about what steps they can and will take to gain financial empowerment and wellness. We will not hesitate to ask Nyia to serve as a host, facilitator, and ambassador again and absolutely sing her praises."

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